Ticket Policies

These policies are applicable only when you purchase your tickets directly via the ImpactTickets.com website and not through any other of our affiliate sites. These policies are also conditional on complying with the Terms of Use, which are referred to on the said page.  The venue or event organizer may impose additional conditions or terms when attending specific events. You are therefore urged to check your tickets for any additional information pertaining to your attendance at your chosen event.

Event Cancellations or Postponements The event promoter or venue hosting the event is responsible for determining the cancellation or postponement policy, and not ImpactTickets.com.  If for any reason an event is cancelled or postponed, it is generally accepted to refund ticket price to purchasers, and even to attempt contact with the ticket holder where possible to inform them of the change and refund policy.

Such refund will be for ticket purchase price only. It will not include service, processing or delivery fees. Each venue has its own conditions regarding cancelled or postponed events, and as such, the responsibility is on the ticket purchaser to contact the venue directly in the event of such a cancellation or postponement to be informed of the future date and refund policy for such event.

Ticket Restrictions There is often a restriction set by the venue or promoter on the amount of tickets any one customer is permitted to purchase. Should this be the case, you will be informed of this restriction during the purchase process.

Ticket Availability ImpactTickets.com is a ticket sales agency for various venues and event promoters. As such, we have no control over the number of tickets or the seat locations made available to us for purchase by our customers. On occasion, these venues and event promoters will release additional tickets for our customers.  We try to hold tickets for short periods to enable a customer to complete their purchase. If the purchase is not completed, these tickets then become available for purchase again. This means that the amount of tickets available for any specific event fluctuates rapidly. Therefore, if you have been unable to purchase a ticket because of lack of availability you are encouraged to try again. Please be aware that once a ticket has been purchased, these are non refundable and non exchangeable.

Pricing Errors Impact Tickets.com reserves the right, at their sole discretion to cancel a customers order and refund the amount paid should there be any error, regardless of how it occurs, in ticket pricing, be it from the web post, pre-sale purchase or any other form of communication.

Non-refundable/ non-exchange Policy As previously stated, please be aware that all completed sales though ImpactTickets.com are FINAL and binding. We act as a ticket sales agency for various venues and event promoters and as such, at the instruction of these promoters, we are not permitted to allow refunds or exchanges of any kind once a ticket purchase has been confirmed. You are urged to ensure you have chosen the correct event and seating prior to finalizing your order. Once tickets are issued, they are irreplaceable even if lost or stolen.

Payment Methods For your convenience, there are multiple forms of payments to facilitate your purchase. Events within the USA can be paid for with American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.   We do not accept foreign international credit cards.

Security Search It may be deemed necessary to conduct a search of you and your belongings at the time of entry to the event venue. You hereby consent to such a security search, and waive any claim that may arise from such searches. Should you choose not to consent to such searches, you may be denied admission to the event without refund or other compensation. Certain venues have regulations prohibiting certain items being brought into the venue, including without limitation, alcohol, drugs, controlled substances, cameras, recording devices, and other items.

Order Confirmation On completion of your ticket purchase order, you should receive an order confirmation notice. If this is not received, or an error notification is received, or if the service is interrupted during or after submitting a payment it is the responsibility of the buyer to immediately confirm with our Customer Service Department whether or not your order has been placed and confirmed. The company may not be aware of any system error that may occur during purchase. Impact Ticket will not be held responsible or liable for any financial or other loss incurred by failure to confirm your order.

Missing, Lost, or Stolen Tickets Our company, Impact Tickets is neither responsible nor liable to guarantee replacement of lost, stolen, or misplaced tickets at any time.

Ticket Resale Ticket resale may be forbidden under state and local laws. ImpactTickets.com is not responsible for any liability that may result from individual customers attempt to violate such laws by reselling tickets purchased on our website, which may result in prosecution by such agencies.

Disclaimer And Limitation Of Liability In the case of undelivered tickets or any other ticket dispute, Impact Tickets sole obligation or liability is limited to replacement of the tickets with tickets of equal or greater value, or refund of amounts actually paid by the customer for such tickets.  Impact Tickets determines this in its sole discretion. Impact Tickets is not responsible for providing reimbursement to customers for travel, lodging, or other expenses under any circumstances unless those items are specifically included as part of a package that you purchased from Impact Tickets.