Part 2: Cincinnati- Division 6: Buck or Die Stadium Event ($100.00)

1) BUCK OR DIE STADIUM ENTRANCE.... every REAL majorette has watched dancers stomp, strut and prance into the stadium!! Well here is your chance to show us exactly how your team enters a real stadium!! Showcase your signature style as you enter a REAL stadium!! Dancers are judged on costume choice, signature strut, choreography, visuals and showmanship.

2) 8- Count Girl! So many Piggy back off Bring It but are you a real 8- Count team!? The creativity is in the 8 count, the finesse in the way it’s thrown, the way it travels thru the team and more! Dancers will be IN THE STANDS so pull out your marching boots and let’s go! Here's the catch.... only 14 dancers are allowed in the stands and must be split into 3 rows... captain down front, row 1- four dancers, row 2- five dancers and row 3 four dancers.... special prize for BEST CAPTAIN AND BEST TAIL!

3) BUCK OR DIE SWAC FIELD SHOW... instead of in a gym dancers will perform ON THE FIELD! Get creative and let’s see how well you are able to slay the field!!!! Here’s the catch, ONLY BAND MUSIC ALLOWED!!! Each team must have an intro, a field show and a sideline routine to exit. Make it good because you only have FOUR MINUTES!